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The “REVERSAL” is Albert Sye’s inspirational story of going the distance the hard way and doubling down to earn four college degrees and eventual positions as a Teacher, Coach, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent lending his hard-earned wisdom to students and athletes.

This is a story about a country boy from rural South Jersey who fought hard to overcome poverty and low academic standing by reversing his life’s circumstances. After earning his college degree, he became a social studies teacher, head wrestling coach, and school administrator. He spent over three decades reversing lives of many other young men throughout the country. With a few good people in your life, it’s amazing what a student can accomplish many times over against all odds.

Sye said, “I wanted to be Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, and Muhammad Ali, but  I soon learned that you can only replicate their work ethic; not their glory.”

This book is dedicated to my mother, Josephine Marie Sye.